Terry Strieter

Past & Current Research-Writing Project:

-Ph.D. dissertation on the Nineteenth-Century French Army as a means of social mobility.  A quatitative study of sous-officiers (NCO’s) who used the French Army to gain an education and rise above the social class they were born in to.  Eight published peer-reviewed articles and nine professional conference papers came out of this dissertation.

-In 1983 I began research on the French Gendarmerie of the nineteenth century. This long-term project will eventuate in two, and possibly, three, books on the gendarmes of the last century. With quantitative data on 1,044 gendarmes from the police archives at Vincennes I envision a book on the politics of the gendarmes from 1830 to 1871 and a general survey and comparison book of the typical gendarme 1815 to 1914. I have six chapters finished on the first police book and it will be called The Politics of the French Police: The Gendarmes During the Revolutionary Era, 1830-1871.

-In 1995 I began writing a book on European nineteenth century art history. Greenwood Press contracted me to complete this book by 1999. This book was published in April 1999 as Nineteenth-Century European Art: A Topical Dictionary (Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1999). During these years I suspended work on the national police of France.

Courses Taught:

  • Modern France: 1789 to the present
  • Europe's Great Age: 1789 to 1914
  • Europe Since 1914
  • Europe Since 1945
  • Research Seminar in European Social History, 1789 to the present
  • Readings Seminar: Historiography
  • Readings Seminar in Modern European History, 1789 to the present
  • The Family in History
  • Historical Methods
  • The U.S. Since 1941
  • Community Oral History
  • Western Civilization, Ancient Times to 1500 & 1500 to the present
  • World Civilization, Prehistory to 1500 & 1500 to the present
  • Survey Modern Europe, 1500 to the present
  • Europe During WWI & WWII
  • European Revolutions, 1789-1917
  • French Revolution & Napoleon
  • World Civilization 202 Webcourse

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