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Department of History

The Department of History at Murray State University offers baccalaureate degrees with or without certification to teach; its variety of strong courses will prepare you for graduate work at the M.A. or Ph.D. level.

The traditional liberal arts history major also provides a foundation for a variety of careers in law, business, industry and government. As the only university in Kentucky to focus on world civilizations, we are particularly well suited to prepare you for careers in these paths.

The Master of Arts program in history offers advanced study to qualified students in American, European, and World History. There are two tracks to the master of arts degree: 1) the thesis track, a 30 hour program of advanced study requiring a thesis; and 2) two non-thesis track options (American or European history) of 36 hours.The M.A. enables teachers to meet Rank II certification in Kentucky public schools.

Schedule of Classes Spring 2014 - Department of History

History of the United States Constitution - William H Mulligan

Modern Europe - Terry W Strieter

American Experience to 1865 - James H Humphreys, Brian K Clardy, J Kevin Koehler

American Experience Since 1865 - J Duane Bolin, Stephanie A Carpenter, Stephanie Jean Fortner

Introduction to Historical Studies - Stephanie A Carpenter, William H Mulligan

Medieval Europe - Kathy Callahan

Irish Diaspora - William H Mulligan

Survey of World Religions - Brian K Cardy

History of Religion in the United States - Brian K Clardy

North American Indians - Ted F Belue

Military History of the United States - William H Mulligan

Modern East Asia - Charlotte L Beahan

Early India - Taufiq Rashid

Ancient Greece - Aaron W Irvin

Ancient Rome - Aaron W Irvin

Civil Rights Movement - Brian K Clardy

History of London - Kathy Callahan

Senior Seminar - J Duane Bolin

Europe Since 1914 - Marjorie Hilton

The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union - Marjorie Hilton

Civil War and Reconstruction - James Humphreys

Recent America - Stephanie A Carpenter

History of Kentucky - J Duane Bolin

Islam in the Modern World - Zackery M Heern

Modern Africa - David John Pizzo

Genocide in World History - David John Pizzo

Hollywood History - William Schell

Modern Greece and Italy - David John Pizzo

Readings in United States History - James Humphreys

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