Staci Stone, Asst. Dean


Staci Stone


Associate Professor of English
Assistant Dean, College of Humanities and Fine Arts


" An important component of my approach is flexibility. In the classroom learning community, I ask students to read, listen, compromise, re-think, and adapt. Students' open-mindedness allows for learning and development, and everyone in the community is encouraged to think critically about the material and learn from each other. The real measure of whether a learning community succeeds is the lingering feeling or memory of success held by the community's members."



Staci Stone


Ph.D., English 

University of South Carolina 


Graduate Certificate 

University of South Carolina 

- Women's Studies 


M.A., English 

University of South Carolina 


B.A., English and Advertising 

University of Alabama


A Mary Shelley Encyclopedia, with Lucy Morrison. New York: Greenwood Press, 2003.


Instructor's Manual for Understanding Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality: A Conceptual Framework, by Lynn Weber. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2002.




Highlighted Publications

"Borderlands Travel Writing: Helen Maria Williams, Mary Shelley, and Political Conflict in France." Olho d'Agua 4.2 (2012).


"Measuring the Success of Summer Reading Programs," with Laura Liljequist. Journal of The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition 21.2 (2009): 87-105.


"Mary Shelley." Encyclopedia of Women in Science Fiction and Fantasy. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2008.


"Summer Reading Programs: Perceptions of a Freshman Reading Experience," with Bonnie Higginson and Laura Liljequist. College Reading Association Yearbook 26 (2004): 423-37.


"Margaret Veley." Dictionary of Literary Biography. Ed. William Thesing. Detroit: Gale, 1998. 289-97.


Areas of Specialization

19th-Century British Literature

Film Studies

Women's Literature

Women's Studies


Dr. Staci Stone 

7C-9 Faculty Hall

Murray State University

Murray KY 42071-3341



Courses Taught

ENG 104 Honors Composition and Research
ENG 105 Critical Reading, Writing, and Inquiry
ENG 304 British Literature, 1760 to present
ENG 314 Film Theory and Criticism
ENG 318 Women's Literature
ENG 321 Research in Literary Studies
ENG 538 British Fiction, 1832-1900
ENG 615 Topics in Women's Literature
ENG 656 19th-Century English Novel
GDS 201 Introduction to Gender and Diversity
GDS 351 Race, Class, Gender and Hollywood
HON 252 Honors Seminar in Literature and Philosophy II
HUM 211 Western Humanities Tradition: Continuity
HUM 212 Humanities in the Modern World: Diversity
Study Abroad Courses in London, South Korea and Prague


Awards and Distinctions

SACS Reaffirmation Leadership Team, Member, 2011-2013

University Council of Chairs, Chair, September 2010-2011

College English Association, Member of Board of Directors, 2008-2011

College Service Award, College of Humanities and Fine Arts, 
    Murray State University, May 2003

Southern Regional Education Board, Atlanta, Georgia, Research Grant, July 2001

Professional Memberships and Affiliations

Modern Language Association

College English Association