ZB Smetana Zbynek Smetana
Chair, Department of Art & Design
Associate Professor, Art History
PhD, Rutgers University
BA, Humboldt University

Research Interest: Italian Renaissance Art, Secondary Fields in Northern Renaissance and Baroque

Telephone: 270.809.3120   office: FA 605

Debbie Barton Debbie Barton
Administrative Assistant I

Interest: Crafts (Knitting, Cross Stitching, Quilting), Reading, Amateur Radio

Telephone: 270.809.3784   office: FA 604

Jeanne Beaver Jeanne Beaver
Associate Professor, Metalsmithing
MFA, Indiana State University
MA, Iowa State University
BFA, Iowa State University

Research Interest: Tensile Structures and Forms, Metalwork, Jewelry

Telephone: 270.809.6933   office: VA100

Jim Bryant Jim Bryant
Professor, Graphic Design
MFA, Louisiana State University
BFA, Herron School of Art, Indiana University

Research Interest: Graphic Design, Web Design, Printmaking

Telephone: 270.809.5479   office: FA1012B

Professor Bryant's work: blackdogpress.com

Scott Cook

Scott Cook
Technician / Instructor
MFA, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
BFA, Murray State University

Research Interest: Emerging Technologies, Printmaking, Sound, Digital Fabrication

Telephone: 270.809.4434   office: FA 1010

Scott Cook's work: www.lastname.co/ok

John Hom Shannon Duffy
Visiting Instructor, Art Education

Telephone: 270.809.6743   office: FA 726

Sarah Gutwirth Sarah Gutwirth
Professor, Painting
MFA, Pratt Institute
BFA, Pacific Northwest College of Art
BA, Reed College

Research Interest: Painting, Languages, Travel

Telephone: 270.809.6731   office: FA729

Nicole Hand Nicole Hand
Professor, Printmaking
MFA, University of Miami
BFA, University of South Dakota
BA, Nazareth College

Research Interest: Printmaking, Drawing

Telephone: 270.809.5387   office: FA1012A  
Professor Hand's work: blackdogpress.com

Hyeja Jung Hyeja Jung
Associate Professor, 2D Design and Graphic Design
MFA, University of Florida
BFA, Syracuse University

Research Interest: Graphic Design, Digital Illustration

Telephone: 270.809.6732   office: FA731

Katrina Kuntz Katrina Kuntz
Assistant Professor, Art History
PhD, Stony Brook University (Spring 2015)
MA, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
BFA, University of Cincinnati

Telephone: 270.809.6739   office: FA 733

Research interests: 20th- and 21st-century art and visual culture, performance art, conceptual art, art criticism

Chris Lavery Christopher M. Lavery
Assistant Professor, Sculpture
MFA, University of Colorado, Boulder
BFA, State University of New York, Fredonia
Telephone: 270.809.4350   office: FA 1007
Research Interest: Sculpture, Installation, Sound Art, Robotics, Video, Interactive Media.
Professor Lavery's work: christopherlavery.wordpress.com and www.christopherlavery.com

Dale Leys Dale Leys
Professor, Drawing
MFA, University of Wisconsin
BFA, Layton School of Art and Design

Research Interest: Drawing

Telephone: 270.809.3787   office: FA730

Professor Leys' work: daleleys.com

Sarah Martin Sarah Martin
Assistant Professor, Furniture Design / Woodworking
MFA, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth
BFA, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Telephone: 270.809.6938   office: VA 103A

Professor Martin's work: sarahmartinstudio.com

Pamela Parker Pamela Parker
Administrative Assistant
MFA, Murray State University
MA, Murray State University
BA, Murray State University

Research Interest: Editing; poetry and prose writing; literary pictorialism

Telephone: 270.809.3784   office: FA606

website: A Walk Through the Memory Palace

Peggy Schrock Peggy Schrock
Professor, Art History
PhD, University of Illinois
MA, University of Missouri, Kansas City
MS, University of Missouri, Columbia
BS, University of Missouri, Columbia

Research Interest: Modern and Contemporary Western Art

Telephone: 270.809.6737   office: FA732

Sarah Smith

Sarah P. Smith
Lecturer, Photography
MFA, University of Iowa
MA, University of Iowa
BFA, Murray State University

Research Interest: Photography, Video, Experimental Filmmaking

Telephone: 270.809.3085   office: FA 728

Professor Smith's work: www.sarahpsmith.com

John Utgaard John Utgaard
Associate Professor, Ceramics
MFA, New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University
BFA, Kansas City Art Institute

Research Interest: Ceramic Sculpture, Handbuilding, Wheel-throwing, Slipcasting

Telephone: 270.809.2588   office: VA100A

Professor Utgaard's work: johnutgaard.com

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